Honeycomb as a packaging solution for manufacturing industry

When it comes to transporting a wide variety of objects, it’s important to pay close attention to transport precautions. Whatever the part in question, it’s essential to ensure that it’s in good condition when delivered. To this end, a number of solutions have been developed, such as honeycomb cardboard. Today, this type of packaging material is favored by many industries.

Honeycomb paperboard: a versatile product

The hallmark of honeycomb fiberboard is its modularity. It has been adopted by so many industries because of its adaptability to different needs. 

Among the sectors and fields that favor transport with paper honeycomb, we can cite : 

  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive equipment manufacturers
  • Electronics, especially electronic boards
  • Aluminum packs
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Archiving
  • Food processing (provided the products are packaged, guaranteeing no contact with the food) 
  • Moving boxes, including dish separators

As we shall see below, the solutions proposed here have been designed to meet the needs of different industries. 

Industry: a variety of markets

The adaptability highlighted by honeycomb enables different industries to adopt it. Different markets benefit from the modularity of honeycomb cardboard: 

  • Kit furniture market, with custom-made wedges to wedge / fill empty spaces
  • Electronic/electrical components
  • Closure market (gates, windows, garage doors, etc.) – mainly strips and angles for lateral protection
  • Assembled furniture market: worktops, pedestals / metal cabinets / electrical boxes: corner protectors + protective strips
  • Heating and cooling market (radiators, air-conditioning): specific shims to secure radiators in packages, air-conditioners or cooling units.
  • Industrial product market in the broadest sense: industrial compressors, machine tool spare parts, etc.: specific deep-drawn shims to wedge individual part numbers.

The advantages of honeycomb for industry

Honeycomb cardboard is an alternative with numerous advantages when it comes to transporting both resistant and fragile products. 


One of the main advantages of honeycomb is its high resistance to shocks and impacts. The various size of hexagonal cells (core) offered enable you to transport different types of products, while offering them optimum protection. And with good reason: honeycomb has been proven to withstand up to 55 tons per square meter.


Most of the time, when cardboard is used for transport, it’s up to companies to cut it to suit their needs. What we offer here with our honeycomb cardboard is a made-to-measure product. We shape it to the dimensions of your choice. In this way, the parts to be transported are guaranteed to be perfectly protected and stable, whatever their size and shape.


Finally, honeycomb paperboard is also highly appreciated for its lightness, in all industries. Indeed, when it’s time to load and unload goods, handling can be intense. By choosing cardboard honeycomb over wood, handling is made easier, and the risk of RSI reduced.

Tailor-made solutions for specific sectors

We understand that, depending on the sector and industry, the parts to be transported can be extremely varied in terms of shape, weight and size. That’s why we offer perfectly tailored solutions. Our sales and technical teams are always ready to listen to your needs, and take them into consideration to create a perfectly adapted solution.