Folding cartons for Cosmetics

In the cosmetic industry, packaging must not only protect the product but also communicate the essence of the brand and attract the consumer with its aesthetic. Cardboard boxes, as the first ambassadors of these products, must be impeccable and technically advanced. Here is a detailed overview of the available options in terms of types of boxes, printing techniques, enhancements, and choices of cardboard.

Types of folding cartons Based on Cosmetic Products:

  • Cases for Perfumes: Often designed with reinforced internal structures to protect fragile and heavy bottles. These cases may include precise fittings to immobilize the product.
  • Boxes for Skin Care Products: Generally larger in size to accommodate pots or tubes. Functionality can be enhanced by special closures or multiple compartments.
  • Cases for Makeup: Compact and often equipped with innovative opening mechanisms such as drawers or magnetic flaps, suitable for items like makeup palettes.

Printing Techniques:

  • Offset Printing: Ideal for large quantities, offering superior print quality, perfect for complex graphics and fine details. Offset is frequently chosen for its consistency and its ability to use a wide range of colors.
  • Inkjet Printing: Flexible and fast, suitable for shorter runs or variable customizations. This technique is often used for prototypes or limited editions due to its rapid adaptability.

Types of Enhancements:

  • Coatings: Matte, UV, or spot UV, varnish can be used not only to protect the print but also to add a distinctive texture or visual effect. UV coating offers a high gloss, while matte provides a more subtle and elegant effect.
  • Embossing: This technique creates a relief on the cardboard, adding a tactile dimension that can highlight a logo or graphic element.
  • Hot Stamping: Used to apply metallic or colored foils, adding a touch of luxury. Ideal for logos or brand names.

Choices of solid boards :

  • Coated: Provides a smooth and uniform surface for printing, ideal for high-quality finishes.
  • Uncoated: Has a more natural texture, often used by brands wishing to communicate an eco-friendly image.
  • Recycled: Made from recovered fibers, this type of material is favored by brands concerned about their environmental impact.
  • Laminated: A thin layer of plastic or bioplastic film is applied to protect the cardboard against moisture or grease, often used for skincare products.

The Art of Packaging in Cosmetics:

Creating a solid board packaging for cosmetics goes beyond the simple function of containment; it becomes an extension of the brand identity. At CIP, we integrate the most advanced printing and enhancement technologies with a rigorous selection of materials to create packages that not only protect effectively but also dazzle the consumer. Every detail is thoughtfully designed to align the unboxing experience with the high-end brand image our clients strive to embody.