Partition for electronic components

Electronic components are among the most fragile of goods, requiring special shipping precautions. The slightest impact can cause a malfunction, resulting in a return to the sender and a loss of sales. It is therefore essential to guarantee perfectly secure transport, and the arrival of products in excellent condition. To this end, the cardboard divider is a solution not to be overlooked.

How to transport electronic components ?

Transporting fragile equipment is a real challenge for companies. It’s important to ensure that goods are protected, while at the same time facilitating delivery. Electronic components, whatever their size, must not be subject to any shocks during transport, and this calls for a perfectly adapted solution, offered by the solid board dividers. 

Chipboard partition for electronic components is made up of cells in which the products to be shipped are placed. The dimensions of the cells are entirely adapted to the dimensions of the product, so as to leave as little play as possible, and thus minimize product movement during loading vibrations. These movements or vibrations could scratch or damage the part.

 Fiberboard partition is made from recycled material, thus limiting the environmental impact of your shipments, protecting your electronic components during transport and storage, while opting for a more environmentally-friendly solution thanks to a recycled and recyclable material.

Cardboard separator : secure transport for your electronic components

The aim of solid board dividers for electronic components is to ensure safe transport, preventing breakage and scratches, even for the most fragile goods. In addition to its protective function, the brace is also used to store and condition electronic components. Several layers of partitions can be inserted into a box, separated by a divider. In this way, you can optimize your storage space and reduce your box budget. 

Depending on the fragility of your electronic components, you can adjust the weight (grammage) of the fiberboard for optimum protection. For goods likely to be damaged, we suggest a more significant chipboard thickness, for impeccable protection.

Depending on the type of electronic components you’re transporting, you can also use the solid board dividers as an overpack (secondary packaging), in addition to the plastic bag, for extra protection.

Transporting electronic components safely

We strive to meet the expectations of companies in all sectors. When it comes to transporting electronic components, we can offer you a tailor-made solution that guarantees delivery under the best possible conditions.  

Since every commodity has its own constraints, we are committed to designing a partition that fully meets your needs. As our cutting dies are adjustable, we can offer a dividers fully adapted to the size of your component, for optimum protection and cushioning. Are you looking for a reliable transport solution for your fragile parts? Put your trust in us! We offer solutions that are as practical as they are environmentally friendly.