Made-to-measure partition

The cardboard divider is one of today’s most popular transport solutions, thanks to its many advantages. Indeed, while its lightness considerably improves working conditions for employees, notably by limiting the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), it also stands out for its great practicality. Entirely made-to-measure, the fiberboard partition adapts to your needs, guaranteeing efficiency in all circumstances.

The qualities offered by your custom-made chipboard partition

To meet the needs of different business sectors, we offer a wide range of paper grade: chipboard, kraft, white tag, or poly-coated to limit the risk of abrasion. Indeed, some bottles feature designs that are particularly sensitive to abrasion, which the cardboard could mark or scratch. In such cases, poly-coated chipboard is the recommended solution.

Levels of protection for solid board separator

Fiberboard dividers can be used in a wide range of industries. We offer a wide range of choices for the thickness (caliper) of the paperboard, which we call “grammage”. The paper weight chosen will depend on the level of protection required, as well as the weight of the product to be protected.


For example, we recommend a high grammage such as 700 grams when the product to be protected is heavy or very fragile. On the other hand, a weight of 300 grams will be sufficient to protect light and not very fragile products, or when the partition is only used as a separator to sort products as opposed to bulk… The choice of thickness will also depend on the shipping method. When products are shipped on pallets in batches, the degree of protection required is less than for courier shipments, where the case risks being mistreated by the driver…

Made-to-measure partition: products of all sizes

Finally, for the ultimate in adaptability, the dimensions of the separator are also custom-designed. The length, width and height of the divider will depend on the inside dimensions of the box. The size of the cell will depend on the size of the product to be protected. And the number of cells will depend on the number of products required per case, as well as any weight limits imposed on the case.


We can therefore offer you fully custom-made partition, with no tooling costs since our tools are adjustable. In this way, the proposed solution meets the specific technical constraints of each customer.

Why choose us for your made-to-measure cardboard partitions?

We specialize in the manufacture of made-to-measure solid board dividers, and will be delighted to meet your every need. We offer customized storage and logistics solutions. We systematically send samples so that you can carry out your own transport tests. 

What’s more, our teams guarantee you the shortest delivery times on the market, as well as a high level of responsiveness to each of your requests. With 5 production sites equipped with similar equipment, your supplies are completely secure in the event of failure of one of the sites.