Transportation solutions

Cushioning solutions for transport

Transporting goods and other products can involve long, bumpy journeys, with the risk of shaking the goods. To ensure that they remain in good condition under all circumstances, a number of load-securing solutions have been developed, such as honeycomb cardboard. Replacing wood, straps and cushions for securing products, honeycomb is a highly cost-effective alternative.

Honeycomb paperboard: reducing employee MSD

Wooden wedges used for transporting goods entail numerous risks for employees, who are exposed to various MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). Indeed, carrying heavy loads can be the cause of various disabling pathologies, particularly when such handling is frequent. These include lower back pain, epicondylitis and rotator cuff syndrome in the shoulder. 

To considerably reduce the risk of MSD, it is essential to opt for lighter cushioning solutions. One such solution is paper honeycomb. Much lighter than wood, but with almost equivalent performance, it’s the ideal material for your shipments.

Lighter transport means less costly transport, but also reduced CO2 emissions – in other words, more environmentally-friendly shipping.

Protection and strength for transported goods

Honeycomb is one of the most advantageous load-securing solutions for companies in a wide range of sectors. It is the ideal substitute for other conventional securing solutions. 

In addition to its light weight and other advantages, honeycomb cardboard is also an ideal solution for transporting products. Indeed, honeycomb fiberboard offers maximum protection for transported objects, since it can withstand up to 55 tons per square meter when compressed. Products are thus perfectly stabilized, with no risk of breaking during transport. 

When we talk about practicality in transport, it’s also important to mention the additional features that paperboard honeycomb can demonstrate. For example, honeycomb cardboard can be used to fill the void between your pallets, ensuring optimal wedging of the goods, which are then perfectly stabilized. It can be used in conjunction with airbags.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning the great adaptability of honeycomb sheets. Indeed, its thickness varies from 8mm to 100mm, enabling us to offer you a product perfectly adapted to your needs. 

Honeycomb panel as a cushioning solution for transporting



Our company’s objectives also include an eco-responsible approach. Foams, polystyrenes and other products made from fossil fuels are eliminated in favor of more environmentally-friendly substitutes. The paper used for our honeycomb products is a recycled and recyclable material, considerably reducing our customers’ carbon footprint.

Whatever the sector, appropriate transport solutions must be put in place to ensure that products remain in good condition. Honeycomb paperboard guarantees the stability and protection of these products, whatever they may be. Sectors that can benefit from honeycomb’s practicality include logistics platforms, industrial exporters, the paper industry and road transport.