Perfume Packaging

Perfume is the epitome of luxury products. Regardless of the brand, they evoke prestige, and their packaging must meet a set of specific requirements. It forms an integral part of the customer experience, ensuring a positive emotion when held in hand. For your perfume packaging needs that reflect your brand’s image, do not hesitate to use our services. Quality, performance, and aesthetics are our guiding principles for your perfume packaging.

Packaging: The Unique Case of Perfume

Perfume is primarily valued for the fragrance it offers, but that’s not all. The aesthetic appeal of its container, the bottle, is also crucial. Each bottle is unique and reflects a distinct identity. The cardboard packaging, typically a solid board folding case with a fitting holder, serves to protect the bottle and also to enhance the perfume. There must be a real coherence between the bottle and the folding carton to create a perfect harmony that mirrors the brand and product. Perfume packaging must be the most luxurious of all packaging.

Technical Characteristics of Perfume Packaging

Perfume packaging must meet a number of criteria, which CIP Packaging is committed to uphold.


Above all, folding carton for perfume must provide optimal performance by ensuring the bottle is well-protected during transport, storage, and display. Our design office therefore creates a folding case and holder perfectly tailored to your bottle’s shape and your shipping methods. The choice of board type and its weight are also crucial factors.


When it comes to perfume packaging, aesthetic appeal is a priority. As a luxury product, it must be showcased from the moment the packaging is first seen by the customer, providing a positive and unique experience.

That’s why we offer finishing services like hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and selective varnish. We work on the reverse side of the boards for a more natural look, as well as using creative or textured cardboards.

These finishing processes aim to enhance the perfume and reinforce the brand’s luxury image.


In recent years, consumer expectations have trended towards ecology. The growing awareness among consumers is now prompting businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. Thus, we offer eco-designed packaging that is environmentally friendly, including the use of recycled and FSC-certified cardboards.

Trust CIP Packaging for Your Perfume Packaging

Specializing in the manufacture of luxury packaging, particularly for perfumes, CIP Packaging positions itself as a reference company for your high-end packaging needs. Whether for small, medium, or large runs, we offer custom manufacturing that will align with your brand image. Simultaneously, we commit to addressing new environmental challenges by using sustainable materials and adhering to CSR practices. Our company also holds several certifications including Imprim’vert, Ecovadis, ISO9001, and FSC.