building industry

Honeycomb paperboard combines strength and lightness, for optimum adaptability to different sectors. While it is greatly appreciated in the transport sector for securing goods, it also has other highly practical uses, such as in the building industry. In fact, the properties of honeycomb make it highly versatile, and much appreciated by all. 

A step towards ecology with honeycomb

Honeycomb cardboard has once again made it possible to compensate for non-recyclable products in the building industry. A true ecological revolution and a “Green” solution for the building industry.

It’s made from paper and a water-based PVA glue. We note that this composition totally facilitates the removal of the product as waste on building sites. While the composition of honeycomb fiberboard may seem straightforward, the product’s weight-to-strength ratio is surprisingly good. For this reason, honeycomb is used in many sectors. 

In the building and construction trades, for example, honeycomb cardboard satisfies the needs of contractors looking for recyclable building components.

The strength of honeycomb in the construction industry

In the building industry, honeycomb board is increasingly appreciated by craftsmen who exploit its many advantages in their constructions. There are four main uses for honeycomb in this field: 

  • Earthquake-resistant joints, when the panel is used vertically
  • Expansion joints
  • Reservation zone or crawl space
  • Prefabrication for windows or doors

Let’s take a closer look at the functions of honeycomb panel, particularly in the context of an earthquake-resistant joint. In a nutshell, when placed vertically, honeycomb paperboard’s high strength limits any damage caused by an earthquake. In this way, the jolting of buildings under the effect of shocks is greatly limited, thus preserving structures. Various honeycomb cardboard models are available to meet the requirements of Eurocode 8.

Similarly, it can be used as an expansion joint, to facilitate the natural movements of concrete, which can vary according to temperature, wind or seismic shocks such as those mentioned above.

Honeycomb paperboard for moisture insulation

To resist contact with concrete and humidity, we developed poly-coated honeycomb boards. This combination of materials has proved decisive in the development of honeycomb solutions for construction professionals.

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