Cosmetic fiberboard divider

The chipboard partition to transport your cosmetics

Cosmetics such as creams, oils, perfume bottles and even foundations are most often presented in fragile containers. To promote the aesthetics of these products, glass is in fact preferred by many brands. Transporting and storing these cosmetics is therefore a risky task. This is why it is advisable to protect them with divisions, rather than other interior packaging. Discover now all the advantages of cardboard racks for your cosmetics with Estic-Maillot!

Why choose dividers for cosmetics ?

The separators are small cardboard cells in which it is possible to compartmentalize products. If the world of cosmetics is very interested in this protective interior packaging, it is because they have many advantages.

By being integrated into secondary packaging (cardboard box, tray, etc.), they firstly facilitate the tidying up and therefore the storage of cosmetics.

By being perfectly separated from each other, the bottles and jars will no longer be able to collide during transport, which helps avoid a wide range of losses and other problems. Solid board dividers are real protective storage boxes that secure your cosmetics, from sending to receiving the package.

Finally, the fiber partitions can also be used to separate folding cartons, in particular to avoid the transfer of offset ink from one case to another, a phenomenon also known as “smearing”.

Cosmetics : separators available on the market

If we offer you such a diversity of dividers at Estic-Maillot, it is because the needs expressed by manufacturers are particularly varied on this subject. In the field of cosmetics, it’s exactly the same thing. Makeup removers, soaps, serums, nail polish, perfumes, colognes… products all need packaging and racks that are adapted to their constraints.

Custom-made partitions

The materials of the separators

The partition is an optimal solution for storing and transporting cosmetic products. To meet the needs of all our customers, our chipboard partitions are custom-made.

We adapt the dimensions of the cell to the format of the bottle in order to limit any movement of the latter during transport. The size of the partition is also studied according to the format of the box which will contain it.

Furthermore, we offer different basis weight and grade of cardboard, depending on the constraints of each customer. Poly-coated chipboard is particularly widely used in cosmetics when the bottles include decorations that are sensitive to cardboard abrasion. The technical solution proposed will therefore depend on the constraints of each container.

For economic and ecological reasons, the divider is most often made from cardboard, whether solid board or corrugated. At Estic-Maillot, we recommend chipboard because it is more economical, less dusty and more compact. A more compact partition means more bottles in the box, less storage space at the end customer and above all saving space in the truck, in other words a reduction in greenhouse emissions from transport. Solid board divider is also widely used for boxes, cases, and folding cases.

If you simply need to compartmentalize cosmetic products, know that the fiber partition is perfectly suited for this.

In addition, chipboard partitions generate very little paper dust, unlike corrugated board: an undeniable advantage for the cosmetics industry. Finally, for aesthetic reasons, white tag material (virgin fibers) is frequently proposed for cosmetics, much more elegant than the natural grayish color of recycled brown cardboard.

For its part, corrugated dividers is rather recommended when the brace is load-bearing, since it has better resistance to compression. Rigid and robust, it makes it possible to support the weight of any boxes which could be stacked or stacked above. Instead of it being the bottle which takes up the loading effort, it is the divider which plays this role.