Honeycomb spacers

All you need to know about paper honeycomb spacers

In recent years, the packaging industry has become increasingly aware of the need to protect the environment. In fact, a number of European directives have been issued to protect the environment. Today, solutions for cushioning and protecting single-use goods must be recycled and recyclable, and our company promotes this through the paper used in the manufacture of honeycomb. Let’s take a closer look at honeycomb fiberboard spacers, its manufacture, uses and applications.

The advantages of paper honeycomb inserts

Find out more about the benefits of paperboard inserts, and why you should adopt it without delay.

Environmentally friendly

Paper is a material that complies perfectly with the new European directives on environmental protection. It is recyclable and even biodegradable. What’s more, whenever technical constraints allow, we systematically steer our customers towards testliner paper, i.e. paper made from recycled fibers. This is in contrast to kraft paper made from virgin fibers, i.e. wood cellulose.


Honeycomb fiberboard is used in a multitude of applications, thanks to its compressive strength and shock-absorbing properties. It can be used in the simplest of ways with format sheets, or for stacking and pallet top protection for strapping.

In addition, the choice of paper quality allows us to adapt to any constraints, for example, by offering papers that avoid micro-scratches on painted surfaces or with special coatings, but also to adapt to the stresses and weights of the goods to be protected, by adapting the size of the cells and the paper basis weights.

Applications for honeycomb interior packaging

As we’ve just mentioned, honeycomb wedges are truly modular in use. For this reason, the fields of application are vast:

  • Wedging furniture components in kit form with simple inserts.
  • The food industry, with protective sheets for superimposing different product layers.
  • Joinery and closure industry: protection of window fields with strips or corner guards, superimposition of garage door panels with simple strips, separation of glazing with specific glass strips (heels, conical shapes, etc.).
  • Mechanical industry: design of custom-made top and bottom spacers to secure and protect pumps, compressors and other items in a package.
  • Electronics industry: design of custom-made cushions to secure electronic components inside packages.

We would also like to point out that, thanks to our custom-made cutting dies, paperboard honeycomb inserts can also be used in the following areas:

  • Corner protectors to stiffen pallets or protect the corners of goods from impact during transport, or handling with handling equipment.
  • Adhesive spacers, also called PSA spacers or runners designed to position inserts in the right places on the goods to be protected.
  • Custom made inserts shaped with dedicated cutting dies, to best fit the shape of the product to be wedged and protected. These spacers are designed and developed by our engineering department, and are adapted to each customer and each product.

Honeycomb spacers: a solution for everyone

We have been manufacturing paper honeycomb packaging solutions for over 25 years, and have facilities in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the United States. Our teams have designed solutions that have a positive impact on society and help respect our planet.

We offer a wide range of interior packaging solutions for numerous industrial sectors, including: household appliances – automotive – plastics – chemicals – industrial components – electrical engineering – aeronautics – naval aviation – aerospace – heating – air conditioning – transport and logistics – industrial packaging, etc.

Our range of solutions replaces packaging materials such as polyurethane foam, polystyrene and other plastics. Always with a view to adopting an environmentally-friendly solution, the light weight of our paper honeycomb wedges also enables you to reduce CO2 emissions during transport. We offer turnkey solutions with a genuine focus on recyclability and biodegradable products.

In terms of resistance, our product will impress you with its strength, and once you’ve discovered it, you’ll see many applications for it. Don’t wait any longer, contact us to co-construct a more virtuous and innovative world with our honeycomb board.