Custom cardboard boxes

In the competitive world of packaging, technological innovation is essential to stay competitive. Modern digital printing processes offer substantial advantages over traditional methods such as offset printing and flexography, especially for the customization of cardboard boxes. The digital approach not only transforms production processes but also the possibilities for design and customization at an attractive cost.

Unlike traditional techniques, digital printing eliminates the need for specific tooling costs such as offset or flexographic plates or cutting dies. This absence of initial tooling costs represents a significant saving, especially for low-volume orders or productions requiring extensive customization. Moreover, reduced setup times and the minimization of paper waste make this process not only faster but also more environmentally friendly.

At Sietcam, we have integrated digital printing to enhance our ability to offer bespoke solutions. We use an 8-color digital inkjet printer utilizing water-based inks, underscoring our commitment to sustainable production practices. Our equipment can handle both solid and corrugated cardboard, allowing us to broaden our product offerings. In addition to printing, we are equipped with a dual-beam plotting table, capable of cutting two sheets simultaneously, which doubles our efficiency.

This technology is particularly suitable for point of sale (POS) displays. We combine offset printing for the common elements of the POS to reduce costs, then finalize customization with digital printing on specific sections such as the front panel. This hybrid method optimizes both costs and production times while offering detailed and high-quality customization.

One of the greatest advantages of digital printing is the ability to create limited series or unique pieces. Each box can feature a distinct design or share a common design while incorporating unique serial numbers. This flexibility is ideal for targeted marketing campaigns, limited editions, or luxury products, providing customers with increased exclusivity.

Finally, our equipment also includes a numerically controlled hotmelt plotter for the gluing of POP displays, thus increasing the speed and precision of this process. The application of glue becomes not only faster but also more uniform throughout production, ensuring consistent quality and reducing the risk of human error.

In summary, digital printing and cutting represent a revolution in the field of customized packaging. The case, box, or customized POS is particularly suited for our luxury clients, especially in the sectors of cosmetics, perfumery, and spirits, but also in the broader industry. At Sietcam, we are proud to lead innovation in this sector, offering our clients flexible, economical, and environmentally responsible packaging solutions. With these technologies, we not only meet the current market demands but also pave the way for unprecedented creative possibilities.