Cardboard bottle dividers

The bottle cardboard dividers for easy transport

For many years, the chipboard spacers has been one of the favorites for transport. Offering great practicality, this material will prove indispensable in a certain number of situations. For optimal adaptability, divisions can be available in several shapes and sizes, depending on your needs.

Today, Estic-Maillot highlights the bottle separator, for secure transport, in all circumstances. Find out everything there is to know about this practical and easy-to-use product.

What is a bottle division ?

Transporting products is not always an easy task, especially when they are fragile, such as glass bottles.

The bottle fiber partition allows you to place a thin layer of cardboard between each of the bottles, so that they do not collide, and therefore do not risk breaking. In the same way, such a product also prevents possible scratches that may be caused during transport, due to vibrations. This way, the
bottles are guaranteed to arrive in excellent condition. In the same way, the bottle labels will also be perfectly preserved.

In addition, we note several other practical advantages of the solid board partition. More economical, the latter is also less bulky, allowing transport to be optimized. On the other hand, it is important to specify that it is possible to automate the insertion of the dividers into the cardboard box on the bottling line, thus making it possible to eliminate this manual operation.

When to use the bottle separator ?

The bottle divider has a number of advantages for the storage and transport of fragile products, since it provides protection. In fact, the divider is used in many areas. Bottles of wine, beer, water, syrups, spirits or even oils, here are the items for which the divider is recommended.

In an era where glass is replacing plastic, such solutions are essential to guarantee the good conservation of bottles, including after hectic hours of transport. In addition, the use of cardboard divisions encourages a more ecological approach, thanks to a recycled and recyclable material, which
best preserves the environment.

We draw your attention to the transport of wine bottles, the packaging of which must meet certain requirements. For example, these should be stored vertically, with the cap facing down. In this case, chipboard divisions will be preferred.

Bottle divider: products from Estic- Maillot

It was in 1924 that the Estic-Maillot company was born in Brioude, in Haute-Loire. Shortly after its creation, the latter became known in the sector, and became a real essential in the sector. And for good reason, Estic-Maillot highlights quality products, perfectly adjustable, so that everyone can find the product suited to their needs, for transport in excellent conditions.

As for the bottle dividers, the latter is one of Estic-Maillot’s flagship products, with increasing demand. Not imposing a minimum order, the family company adapts to all needs. Depending on requirements, the company offers tailor-made partitions, so that your products remain protectedand stable in all circumstances. In the same way, the latter is committed to presenting more standard models, in accordance with the needs of major sectors such as wine. Today a leader on the European market, Estic-Maillot is a trusted company for your bottle shipment.