Honeycomb panel

Honeycomb sheet: the responsible solution to protect your goods

Paperboard honeycomb is highly appreciated by companies for its versatility. Indeed, the resistance provided by its hexagonal structure allows it to adapt to various uses such as transport, protection or storage, particularly when it is manufactured in sheet form. Efficient, resistant, ecological and economical, the honeycomb panel gradually seems to be establishing itself as an optimal packaging solution. Estic-Maillot helps you take stock of the advantages of this product.

What is the honeycomb board used for ?

The honeycomb panel has a specific structure giving it both lightness and strength. Indeed, this cardboard sheet contains a hexagonal core structure called core resembling a real honeycomb. This structure gives it a compressive resistance of up to 55 tons per sqm. Numerous air cushions make up the panel and act as a shock absorber against knocks and vibrations.

Paper liners are laminated using a PVA glue (water-based) on the lower and upper face of the pre- stretched core, in order to obtain a rigid board or panel. This sheet can be used in its raw state or can be shaped to obtain more complex wedging or protection solutions.

The cells which constitute these panels make it possible to effectively distribute the weight of the goods during transport, packaging or storage so that they do not deteriorate in transit. The honeycomb panel is resistant, due to its composition, to compression and shock waves. This is why it is generally used as an interlayer sheet or top pallet, instead of wooden panels or double or triple corrugated cardboard sheets, in order to secure loads, transport or prop up fragile products, furniture or heavy loads.

There are different core cell sizes depending on the desired resistance. The large cell can be used to absorb shock waves or as void fillers. The small cell is recommended when the product to be wedged or protected is heavy or when high compressive strength is required.

Honeycomb panel: an eco-responsible alternative

For a more responsible solution to protect your goods, consider the honeycomb panel. Indeed, honeycomb cardboard is 100% recycled and recyclable, honeycomb sheets are more ecological options than Styrofoam, foam or double-corrugated cardboard sheets. It contains less paper while offering better performance.

It seems important to be able to replace the use of plastic and other petroleum-derived materials as quickly as possible. The packaging sector is one of the first to be affected by this problem. Also, the honeycomb board is a good alternative which will both reduce your environmental impact while providing you with a sustainable packaging solution. This is, in fact, made from recycled paper or virgin fibers from renewable materials. Our waste is fully recovered, since it in turn goes back into the recycled paper mills.

Estic-Maillot helps you transport and store your products !

Specialist in the manufacture of honeycomb paperboard, Estic-Maillot has been offering tailor-made products since 1924. To ship sensitive goods, fragile electronic items or any other item of various shapes, our honeycomb panel will provide you with quality protection.

Our teams are at your disposal to offer you packaging solutions adapted to your needs. Very flexible, we can manufacture honeycomb panels for you with a thickness ranging from 8 mm to 100 mm thick in order to best suit your use. Whether for transport, storage, wedging or formwork, you will benefit, for your business, from high-end materials at an advantageous price.