Fiber Partitions for car parts

The conveniency of the automotive parts cardboard dividers

In the industrial sector, and more specifically in the automotive parts industry, we find a wide range of parts, from the most fragile to the most varied in size and shape. Such diversity can lead to questions about how to transport these products, in order to guarantee their protection in all circumstances. The solution lies mainly in the car parts chipboard separator, a paper-based protective packaging designed for transporting and storing car parts of all kinds.  

What is a cardboard crate for car parts?

The term “automotive parts” covers a wide range of products, with different technical characteristics. So that each of them can be transported in good conditions, without risking damage or even simple scratches, it’s essential to use tailor-made packaging solutions. 

Made from cardboard, dividers helps to wedge the various models of parts, preventing them from colliding and breaking during the journey. As a result, products are perfectly organized and orderly, and are guaranteed to arrive at their destination in undamaged condition. 

As a general rule, the car part partition is made from recycled board, known as chipboard, an environmentally-friendly material that gives it a good cost/performance ratio. However, for parts sensitive to the abrasive aspect of chipboard, it is also possible to opt for poli-coated chipboard, which prevents scratches. 

What are the advantages of solid board separator for automotive suppliers?

We propose here to meet the needs of all automotive suppliers, by facilitating the transport of various parts. Find out here about the main advantages of the automotive parts partitions.

Optimal transport

An ecological alternative

As in many other sectors, the automotive industry involves the transportation of fragile parts, requiring impeccable protection. The use of solid board dividers not only keeps products in order, but also secures them so that they don’t move. Depending on the items being transported, we can adjust the grammage of the cardboard for optimum strength. 

We are also aware that each industry has its own parts with its own characteristics, so we offer customized partitions. In fact, any size is possible, and we don’t charge any tooling fees, since our tools can be adjusted to any desired divider dimensions.  In this way, all types of components can be transported without risk of damage.

One of the key advantages of the chipboard dividers is its undeniable ecological credentials. Manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials, it’s part of an eco-responsible approach designed to protect the environment.

Transporting automotive parts: discover our offer

Transporting fragile equipment such as automotive parts can be tedious, which is why we’ve developed tailor-made solutions to protect your equipment. With the automotive parts dividers, you can deliver your products in a variety of shapes and sizes, while guaranteeing their excellent condition. 

Our many years of experience have enabled us to specialize in the manufacture of paper packaging solutions for transport, such as the car part partitions. At the same time, thanks to the great adaptability of our products, the industries using our dividers today are extremely varied: aeronautics, agri-food, pharmaceutical laboratories, and so on.