Eurodividers Belgium Embraces Solar Energy to Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint

Eurodividers, the Belgian subsidiary specialized in the production of cardboard dividers and honeycomb cardboard, takes a significant step towards sustainability by installing solar panels on the roof of its building. This initiative aims to reduce energy costs while minimizing the company’s carbon footprint. With this transition to green energy, Eurodividers Belgium is fully committed to combating climate change.


Cost and Carbon Footprint Reduction:

With an estimated annual consumption of 484 MWh, Eurodividers Belgium has made the wise decision to install a 400 kWc solar power system, consisting of 842 panels with a capacity of 475 Wc each. This installation enables the company to generate 370 MWh of clean energy annually, resulting in a significant reduction in its carbon footprint.


Self-Consumption and Grid Savings:

Thanks to this solar production, Eurodividers Belgium is able to self-consume 206 MWh of clean energy each year. This internal consumption allows the company to reduce its reliance on the traditional electricity grid. Furthermore, Eurodividers Belgium saves 43% of its grid consumption through this local renewable energy production, contributing to a more efficient use of energy resources.


A Commitment to the Environment:

The installation of solar panels on the building’s roof showcases Eurodividers Belgium’s steadfast commitment to energy transition and environmental protection. By choosing solar energy, Eurodividers Belgium significantly reduces its carbon footprint, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change and the preservation of natural resources.


An Example for the Industrial Sector:

By taking this ecological initiative, Eurodividers Belgium sets an example for the industrial sector to follow. The company demonstrates that it is possible to combine economic efficiency with environmental responsibility. This exemplary solar installation should encourage other companies to adopt green energy solutions, promoting a global transition towards a more sustainable future.