What is honeycomb cardboard?

Honeycomb paperboard, also known as Hexacomb, is a distinctive packaging material characterized by its unique and lightweight structure. This type of paperboard consists of two outer sheets of paper (kraft or testliner), which encapsulate an intermediate layer formed into a honeycomb. This structure endows the material with several advantageous properties, such as its robustness and its ability to absorb shocks while maintaining remarkable lightness.

What are the advantages of honeycomb cardboard compared to other packaging materials?

Honeycomb fiberboard offers multiple advantages that set it apart from other packaging options, particularly in terms of strength, lightness, and eco-friendliness.

Lightness and Robustness


One of the main strengths of Hexacomb is its unparalleled lightness, which does not compromise its solidity. Thanks to its honeycomb structure, it can support substantial loads while being much lighter than traditional materials like wood or certain types of plastics. This feature also reduces transportation costs and the associated carbon footprint.

Effective Protection

Honeycomb cardboard is particularly effective in protecting products from shocks and compression during transport. Its honeycomb design cushions impacts, making it ideal for the packaging or padding of fragile items such as electronic devices, metal cabinets, or other industrial products.

Environmentally Friendly

Made from largely recycled materials and being fully recyclable itself, paper honeycomb is a sustainable packaging solution. This choice meets current requirements for resource management and waste reduction, making honeycomb cardboard popular in eco-friendly initiatives.

In what types of applications can it be used?

Hexacomb finds its utility in a wide range of applications, thanks to its versatility and many advantages.

Product Packaging

Primarily, honeycomb cardboard is used for the secure packaging of various products. Its ability to absorb shocks makes it a favored choice for securing fragile or high-value items, thus ensuring their integrity during handling and transport.

Furniture Components

Beyond packaging, honeycomb paperboard also serves in the manufacturing of furniture. Tables, chairs, and decorative elements made of Hexacomb offer a lightweight, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials.

Load Securing

In the logistics field, honeycomb fiberboard is essential for securing loads on pallets. It is used to protect and stabilize pallets, fill voids, and brace objects of various shapes, such as cylinders, using triangular wedges. This application is crucial to ensure the stability of loads and prevent damage during transport.

Building and Construction

Even more surprisingly, honeycomb cardboard finds applications in the building and construction sectors. It is used to create lightweight construction panels, temporary partitions, crawl spaces, and seismic joints.

Honeycomb paperboard, also known as Hexacomb, is therefore an innovative and versatile packaging and construction solution. It combines lightness, strength, and environmental respect, making it an increasingly popular choice in many industrial and commercial sectors.