Located in Belgium, at the heart of the motorway networks linking the United Kingdom to the Nordic borders and all the countries of the European Union, Eurodividers was established in Belgium in 2006.
Eurodividers specializes in the production of two industrial packaging specialties based on recycled paper, which are needed in every industrial manufacturing industry:
tailor-made, ready-to-use (i.e. assembled) cardboard partitions
honeycomb cardboard.


  • 2006: Creation of Eurodividers with the construction of a 5000m2 building. Beginning of the partitions manufacturing business.
  • 2014: Start-up of honeycomb operation.
  • 2022 : Extension of the building by 2000m2.

Why you should trust us

  • Our way of working: close-knit teams, combining small size company spirit with experience gained in Belgium and abroad in large companies, and a customer-oriented mindset, combining – listening and customer service. We’re renowned for our ability to offer protective, made-to-measure packaging that can be endlessly reproduced in record time.
  • Ecology is at the heart of our concerns:
    – Almost 90% of the products we sell are made from Testliner paper, i.e. recycled paper.
  • Our glues are water-based
  • Our paper waste is recovered on site and immediately recycled; all our products are fully recyclable in the recycled paper circuit to make a reusable raw material.
  • We are FSC® certified