solid board partition
chipboard divider
corrugated cardboard separator

Our solid board and corrugated partitions

Custom design products

Our partitions and separators are custom designed to meet every need. Using unique die-cutting tools, we provide any shape or dimensions needed without tooling cost. A barcode printed on the partition makes for better traceability of your products. We manufacture both solid board and corrugated partitions, depending on your technical requirements. We also provide a large array of other specific materials to meet every particular need.

Solid board partitions

Solid board partition tightly wraps the product and keeps it from moving during shipping. We carry a wide set of calipers and materials to fit your needs: plain chipboard, SBS, anti-abrasive coatings, polycoating, food grade.

Corrugated partitions

Corrugated board partition has a good stacking compressive strength and also protects by cushioning the product. We also offer a large scope of flutes and materials depending on your technical needs: test liner (recycled fibers), Kraft, anti-abrasive coatings etc.


The fields of applications are infinite: bottling, glass containers manufaturing , cosmetics and perfume industries, pharmaceutical industry, automotive parts industry , electronic components manufacturing, food industry etc.

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